Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

What a wonderful trip we all had after we got Wesley's car sickness and the cabin situation figured out! Wesley coldn't keep anything down the whole trip down poor baby I have come to find with him he just gets very nervous about travel and being out of his comfort zone and he makes himself sick.. poor baby he was ready to eat some food once we got to where we were going! We got to our cabin and found that is had 2 spiral staircases and that was not going to be exceptable because of my dad's knee problem and we were worried about Wesley falling down the stairs.. So my mom decided that she would start calling and see if there was anything else open and what are options were.. Needless to say she found a 6 bedroom cabin with a theater and inground pool in the cabin that we were able to stay in!! Oh my we were in heaven it was great we spent a lot of time at the cabin this year and are looking forward to going back for many years to a cabin just like this one!! The weather was great and we had a great time. Got a little shopping done and I got to take my first actual photos for my new upcoming business Kapture Photography by KRP!! Stay tuned for more details on that!!

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