Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday my Sweet Sweet Haitian Boy!!

We got to celebrate Juvens Birthday May 7th while we were in Haiti on his actual Birthday!! I honestly don't think he had ever got to celebrate his Birthday. My dear friend and Juvens preschool teacher made some cupcakes for us to all celebrate. We all love Miss Betsy!! Thank you so much for helping me with this!! We brought Juvens some gifts and we celebrated with party hats and party blowers with a bunch of his friends and there families!! It was truly wonderful to see the delight in his face! I believe he fully understood that we were celebrating him and him turning 5! What a wonderful memory we made with him! We are so so thankful to be able to share this 1st Birthday with his as his new forever family! 

Juvens birthday also left me thinking..... thinking about his birth mother ..... wondering if she remembered today was her sweet boys 5th birthday... did she celebrate in his honor.... did she even remember?? As a biological mother of 2 children I would have to say I bet she remembered giving birth to this sweet sweet boy on May 7th... 5 years ago.... I wonder if she thinks of him I can honestly say if she were to see these pictures of him and how happy he is I am sure it would bring a smile to her face. Something so hard that she did giving her son to the orphanage because she could not take care of him. Something most of us could not even fathom. So today I say thank you to Juvens birth mom... Thank You for having this sweet sweet boy.... thank you for trusting the orphanage to find him a loving forever family when this had to be one of the hardest things you did leaving him there. So many children are simply just abandoned but by taking him to the orphanage that tells me how much you truly cared and loved for your sweet sweet boy. 

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