Monday, July 23, 2012

Its been over 2 months!!

Where to start….. I visited my blog this morning the first time in over 2 months and I was shocked!! Shocked that it had been 2 months since I had blogged!! What have we been doing for the past 2 months so much has been going on… Where to start!

This may be a long blog… Sorry but I am trying to catch up!!

May 16th that was the last entry
So here we go all things not adoption related!! 
I will tackle that in my next post I promise!!
Well our Summer has been rather busy with Race Cars/ End of the school year programs/  Notre Dame Football Camp / Baseball, Baseball and more Baseball / Summer Vacation / 4H Fair project due / Record Heat / Swimming

In May we had many baseball games for Kaden! We took the boys to Indianapolis for qualifications for the Indianapolis 500 and then went to the race the following weekend!!  The greatest spectacle in racing happens here in Indiana and yes we love going!! It is always a crazy hot day for May here in Indiana but we brave the heat and have a fun day!! In May we also had Wesley’s program for preschool! Hard to believe my little Wesley is growing up so fast!! I remember just last May when he was that shy little boy who wouldn’t let me leave him for anything! Well a lots changed in a year!!

In June we had more baseball and then we had our annual trip to Notre Dame for Kaden’s football camp! We love going up to Notre Dame its always a fun time! Kaden is very excited for next year he will get to stay on campus!! Mom is a little nervous about this!! Camp was great as usual and they did the last day a little differently! The kids got to get autographs of all the players on the last day! So Kaden has a pretty sweet football full of players autographs for the 2012 season!! Baseball season came to and end the last week in June and Kaden was chosen to play in some tournaments after season. We had to skip the first tournament due to family vacation and then the week we got back we had a full week of more baseball!! Vacation was good we excaped the record breaking Indiana heat and headed to Panama City Beach Florida!! Yep that’s right we went to Florida to get cool!! We were there over the 4th of July and the fireworks were amazing just like we remember from 5 years earlier when we were there over the 4th!! We had some wonderful sun, sand and water filled days! Enjoyed some wonderful food at a few of our favorite places! The boys got pet turtles they named them babosa and bubba (I call them frog and fish)! Kaden entered his oil painting in the county 4H Fair and got a blue ribbon / Light purple ribbon which is alternate going to state fair! Very proud of him!! We have made 2 trips to the drive in theater this summer, which we love! We took the boys to see Madagascar 3 and Ice Age 4 both pretty good movies if I do say so myself!!  Finally we have started to calm down just in time to sign up for football, get some new school clothes and supplies and start back to school in less than a month!! Where oh were has our summer gone! 

I will leave you know with some pictures of our summer!! 

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