Thursday, August 16, 2012

Please Pray with US

My heart is heavy today oh so very heavy. So many things that can't be said but yet I know god knows exactly what I am thinking. And he knows exactly what we need. As I sat on my bed this morning and cried (Psalm 126 verse 5 "those who sow with tears will reap songs of joy") out to the lord to please intervene and move these mountains slam dunk them into the deepest ocean there is power in his name break these chains in the name of Jesus.. Oh it felt so god. I know our lord was listening and I know he heard my cries. Friends September 15th is the day the deadline we need to meet. Our Files along with our Children's Files need to enter IBESR before September 15. We need you to pray with us. Pray that mountains will be moved and we will make this deadline. Haiti is getting ready to change a bunch of adoption laws and implement Hague (all which should be good things for Haiti and adoptions) and we aren't really sure what that all means. For our dossier to be grandfathered in under current laws we must meet this deadline. Our dossier is in Haiti and it has already been through Pre-Ibesr we are now waiting on the kids papers so we can enter. This deadline is a must! We fully believe that god can make this happen in the name of Jesus. We are taking all of this trouble that is going on and laying it at the feet of our father. Remembering that John 16:33 tells us " I have told you these things , so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! 
I have Overcome the WORLD! 

As I got done praying and crying this morning I picked up my bible and I just ask god to allow me to open it to something that would give me strength and encouragement. I opened it up to this my friends... This picture is my bible that verse is Jeremiah 17:7 and those marks are mine! On the side it says My hope is in Him/ Always... My words with his words... That was powerful that was encouraging I have my strength Always! 
 Thank you Jesus for showing me today who is really in charge of all of this! 

Everyone please please pray for us.. Ask everyone you know to pray for us. We have just found out that if we don't make this September 15th Deadline whatever relationship we have with our children as of October 1st will be terminated and will not be recognized by Haitian Social Services.. They will all go back into the system and start the new Haitian Adoption Process and be matched with a new family or families. We are begging you to please please pray! Only god can move these mountains and break these chains.

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  1. Oh sweetheart! I can't imagine your heartache, your pain through this entire journey! We will continue to lift you up! Please know I am here for you and am only a few miles away. You are always welcome to come out and vent! Love you!!!