Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Briles & Clark Trading Company Market Sale



So your probably saying who is       

Briles & Clark Trading Company and What is a Market Sale! 

Well let me tell you I am pretty excited about this! Briles & Clark are the maiden names of my lovely grandma's Who I love and cherish with all my heart! So when we decided we wanted to pay tribute to things that are old and bring them back to life re-purposing old vintage items and putting them back into today's modern family home. I thought there was no better way to do that then naming it after 2 of my favorite ladies! I love the play on names and makes me remember where I came from! So with that Briles & Clark Trading Company was born! 

How about this Market Sale and what is it? Well its a way for us to get our items out there for the public to see and purchase. We do not have a store front just yet we are a new start up business with the hopes of one day in the future having a store. But until then we will be having  Market Sale every 3-4 months! We aren't sure of the location of these sales yet so keep watching and get excited because I  know we are!! So now its time for me to get busy and start doing what I love shopping flea markets and re-purposing some of my old vintage finds! 

Get Excited Good People 

I Promise Not To Disappoint! 

Sneaky Peaky Of Some of our Stash!! 

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