Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New At This.....

All right well this is my first actual "blog" I am not real sure what I am doing so I guess I will just wing it!! From the looks of things this whole blogging this appears to be a big online diary of your life so I am up for that! So its almost bed time and I decided I would sit down for a few minutes and try this out. What a night we had. I am finally starting to get busy with tanners so I was at the shop until about 7. Came home and Zach almost had dinner done lasagna garlic bread green beans cottage cheese what more could you ask for. Had dinner with my wonderful family and of course that resulted in Wesley throwing his food across the room like always. At first it was cute he was feeding the dog now he just wings his food across the room and who knows where it will land!! It seems to be getting harder and harder with my little Wesley. He is having such a hard time with the whole talking thing and tends to get very frustrated when he can't express himself. He tends to just scream and cry when he wants something and we can't figure it out which is really hard for us and I just feel like it is a loosing battle. I just keep telling myself it is going to get better. He is the most loving child and I love his hugs and kisses but man o man when he gets mad look out!! We did get the Wii out tonight and that was fun I thought that I had beat Kaden at the hula hoop thing on Wii fit but then he ended up kicking my butt!! Go figure... All right I think that is enough for tonight I guess I will find my way to bed now!!

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  1. Have you guys tried signing with Wesley? You might already be doing that, but if not, there are a few basic signs that can really cut down on frustration. Marek isn't an avid signer, but the ones he does do help.