Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th!!!!

Well I have never been one to be superstitious about Friday the 13th but after yesterdays experience I am starting to rethink that. It all started at about 4am Friday morning with this dull beeping noise...I first tried to ignore it because I hadn't got a very good nights sleep and I was thinking what now... Well Zach finally got up and went and checked the carbon monoxide detector. It was beeping so we changed the batteries and put it back on the wall and went back to bed. Since the beeping stopped when we changed the batteries we thought nothing of it. I mean it was 4am and we were still very tired!! So at about 6:45 the beeping started again... at this point i realized that something was wrong and it wasn't the batteries. So Zach got up again and removed it from the wall I then ask him if there was something on the detector that told what the beeping was... He said yes we need to get out of the house.. I instantly got out of bed and started to panic.. What do we need to do?? Everyone is ok we are all breathing I don't really think calling 911 and having all the fire trucks down here is what we need.. So we quickly got the boys up and dressed and took them next door to my parents house and then we got ready for work and got out of the house. Zach called the furnace guy he said to open a window and he would be over in a little bit.. Well he came over and yes we had carbon monoxide leaking into the house and well our very old furnace is junk!! So now we have no furnace and are patiently waiting for a quote on how much a new furnace is going to cost!! Oh what a wonderful way to start the day!! I am guess that a new furnace is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $3000 to $4000 and that isn't something we had in the plans of replacing at this time!! So the rest of the day just seemed to get away from me it really didn't even feel like a Friday.. Little things just kept happening that didn't sit very well with me.. I am very glad that today is Saturday and I did get a pretty good nights sleep. I am just very thankful that we had a carbon monoxide detector and that it worked when it was suppose to......

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