Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Well as much as I love going to florida I sure do dread the trip home!! We went to Panama City Beach this year from Spring Break me and my 3 boys along with my parents,sister,cousins. It was a crazy trip!! Wesley did very well in the car and we drove all the way there no stopping for a hotel. So after getting in the car and about 6 or 7 stops and 16 hours later we finally arrived at our destination for the week! The week started off awesome the sun was out it was warm and we were at the beach!! The end of the week wasn't so great it was stormy,yucky,rainy but still better than Indiana! We ate at a ton of great places Boon Docks,Pineapple Willeys,5 Guys,Fudpuckers and Schooners!! One of my favorite things to eat while on vacation in PCB is the Grouper it is so gooood and it is fresh right out of the Gulf!! Yummy Yummy!! We did some shopping and relaxed just had a good time and like always the week ended sooner than it started!! We had to wait on Saturday to leave because of all the bad weather and we finally left around 11 and ended up getting home at about 2am and we were on the tail end of a ton of nasty weather!! I was glad to be home but sad I wasn't at the beach anymore!! All in All it was a great trip and I am very glad that Danielle and Miren got to experience Florida for the First time!! So I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago and then thought that I had lost it while trying to add pics. After running into Tricia at Penny's the other day she told me where to go and find the post!! So Thanks to Tricia my post isn't lost and I am now publishing it!! YAY : )

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