Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its Raining Its Raining ..... On Vacation

Bowling and Painted Pottery on a Very Rainy Thursday in Not So Sunny Florida! It may not of been beautiful outside but we sure didn't let the yucky weather spoil our vacation fun!! Wesley only bowled a few frames with the rocket launcher and then he was done.. Kaden got to bowl double and didn't seem to have any complaints with that! For some reason I didn't do so well and then we had super star bowler Karie with us. You would of thought she was a pro or something like that! Zach didn't do to well either I think I actually beat him which was pretty funny! After bowling Zach, Kaden, Karie, Danielle and I went over to the Pottery place and my parents and mammaw took Wesley back to the condo for a nap. We decided that we were going to all do a tile and it was a lot of fun. We went in there thinking that we would have to have our stuff mailed back to us but we found out that they would be done and we could pick them up on Friday!! Well after we all got done painting our tiles the sky cleared up the sun came out and it turned into a very nice evening! We headed back to the condo to get the rest of the gang and then off to Angelo's for some yummy Steak! What an interesting experience this was. We got seated in a very large room next to about 6 tables of a new graduating class of Navy Deep Sea Divers. We felt kind of weird about this because when we walked in they were passing around a ore and all saying something. It was really neat being next to them and hearing what they were saying and realizing what they had been through for training and what was still to come and how they were going to serve our country! Really cool experience!

What a beautiful sunset! After a day of all rain and yucky weather we got this beautiful sunset and we took a few pics before going out for dinner! God is Good All the Time! Tomorrow is going to be perfect sunny and 70! Its the last day and we can't wait!!

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