Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pacer's Fun

Well for Kaden's Birthday Party we took him and a friend to a Pacer's game. Yeah Yeah I know the Pacer's.... Not such a great team but still a day full of fun! Kaden got 3rd place for Hoops for Heart at school so he was invited to the Pacer's pregame activities for the American Heart Association.

What does that mean.... Well it was pretty Awesome! Kaden and his friend got to go down on the floor with a bunch of other kids and do the Pacer's Fit Program with Boomer the Mascot and then they got to shoot hoops in the NBA Pacer's Basket's!! The boys had a blast and it was a lot of fun to watch them!

After doing this we went to the Pacer's gift shop the boys got jerseys and then we went to eat. We were going to go to the hard rock and eat but they weren't taking anymore people. They had a party of 150 coming! Ha Love all Serve All is what there building says well not today!!

So we ended up at Scottys Brewhouse and it was great... Food was good and the boys had fun watching tv at our seat!

We then walked back down for the game and went to our seats. Our game seats weren't as good as the seats we had for the pacers fit program but they were still pretty good!

All in all the boys had a good time the pacers won and they boys made it on the big screen for there dancing moves!! Pretty neat to see them up on the big screen!!

Kaden and his friend Kale ( no they are not twins)

The boys getting Pacer fit!

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