Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kaden's Art Contest

So every once and a while my children will surprise the heck out of me with something they have done. Kaden did this tonight! I know we are raising him right when he began telling us about his art contest that he had with some students at school!

You see last night Kaden told us that he needed two twix candy bars to take to school..... hmmm I wondered why would he need to take two candy bars to school so I ask him.... He told me it was for the art contest that he had and they were for the winners.............. I was like what wait a minute you had an art contest and now you are providing candy bars for the winners??...hmmm

Well he kind of got a little upset with me because i did not follow what he was telling me and I had to ask several times for him to explain this art contest to me!!

It seems that Kaden had a piece of paper for kids to sign up on and they were to enter there drawing in the contest. They were to put there name on the back so it was fair and when he was judging he wouldn't know whose drawing was whose! (pretty good idea if I do say so myself) It seems that 13 kids signed up but then only 6 kids actually entered there drawing in the contest. Kaden judged the drawings and there was a first, second and third place winner. Each winner gets a candy bar.. Well the first place winner wanted starburst... I thought it was kind of odd that Kaden bought a starburst this weekend with his own money but oh well I just thought he wanted some startburst.. The other two kids want twix so now we need to get there candy bars for them!

When I ask kaden why he did this he said just for fun! I thought to myself wow just for fun... He got no personal gain from this he actually ended up buying 3 candy bars for the 3 winners! I guess we are teaching Kaden right from wrong and that it is better to give to others! All our hard work is paying off our children are watching us and paying attention to everything we do! One of my favorite things is helping others and giving back! I am a happy momma thinking of how kaden did this simple little contest and "gave back".. 

Now I am not so sure the school would approve of him holding a contest like this at school but then again it was just for fun and no one got hurt right! 


  1. This is AWESOME! Way to go Kaden! I love the idea!

  2. That's very cool Karena! What a sweet boy you have!