Thursday, April 26, 2012

Haitian Artisan Bracelets

We have received 550 bracelets from The Apparent Project so far. We are selling these to raise funds for the adoption of our 3 kids from the country of Haiti!I think we have about 150 left! When those are gone we will be getting some more!! 

The Apparent Project is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 organization that is empowering the poor in Haiti. By teaching these Haitians the Artisan skill of paper bead making and recycling cardboard products such as cereal boxes, pop boxes and many more cardboard items. They are paving the way for a brighter future for there workers.

What is so special about these bracelets you may ask???
~They make great gifts… Mothers Day, Graduation, Birthdays, Teacher, Christmas, Brides Maids… 
~These bracelets are helping Haitian parents rise out of extreme poverty. Allowing them to find permanent housing, send their children to school and put food on the table.
~These bracelets are being used as a fundraising tool for many families who are raising funds to adopt Haitian Children.
~These bracelets are making the needs of Haiti APPARENT to those who purchase them to those who sale them.
~These bracelets are Inspiring adoration of our loving Father God with hope that one day HE will be Apparent to all.

We are selling each bracelet for $10 I will ship anywhere in the US for $11 per bracelet.
 A portion of the money goes back to the Haitian Artisan who made the bracelet you buy and a portion goes towards our adoption cost.

 The bracelets that I have left from my current bunch I have broken up into 4 color areas 



Brights ~


Reds & Oranges ~ 

Lights ~ 

Each bracelet comes with a tag on it telling about the Artisan who made the bracelet. The stories are heartbreaking. They tell about how they live in small 5x5 tents with 5 children they talk about how they want to make enough money to send there children to school or provide them with a daily meal. All things we take for granted. 

If you would like to purchase a bracelet please get a hold of me. I can be reached by email at you can call me at 219-208-0106 ( If I don't answer please leave a message that you are calling about bracelets.) you can also visit my facebook page  were I have some bracelets listed individually. 

~~ Can you help us sale some bracelets?? 

Post a link to my blog to your facebook wall for us or tweet about it. 

If you think you could sale some for us please let me know and I can get you some! The bracelets have been very easy to sale! 

Also if you know of an event where we can set up and sale bracelets please let me know. We want to sale these bracelets as long as we can so we can continue employing Haitians! Our dream is once we have our adoption funded we will continue raising money and help other families bring children home! 

Last but certainly not least! We need your Cereal Boxes!! If you save box tops for your school go ahead and cut them off fold the boxes down flat and start saving them! The more colorful the better but they are not picky and will take all cereal boxes!!The more cereal boxes we can get to Haiti the more Haitians Apparent Project can employ!! Ask your church to start saving, Ask your school to start saving, Ask your family and friends. 
If you are local boxes can be dropped off at my work. 
M&H Fleet Services, Inc 
9707 US Hwy 24 W 
Wolcott, IN 47994

If you have any questions please let me know. 
Thanks for looking : ) 
The Prices 

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