Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guest Blogger ~ My Trip To Haiti

Tonight's post is coming from my son Kaden he is 11 and he recently went with us to Haiti to meet his brother and sisters for the first time. This was Kaden's first time flying , first time out of the country and first time visiting the 3rd world..... This is what he wrote for his writers circle at school.......The video at the end is what we put together so he could show his class some pictures from our trip.... 

My Trip to Haiti 

Recently my parents and I went to Port au Prince Haiti to visit my brother Juvens and sisters Derline and Sophia. Our trip to Haiti took two flights the first was from the Chicago Ohare Airport to Miami and then from Miami to Port Au Prince Haiti. 

When we got there it was really hot first we had to find our bags. Then we got in the car with Patrick our taxi driver and he took us to the hotel where we checked into our room. When I looked over to the corner I thought I saw a fake parrot but guess what ...... it was real and really loud! Then we got to go up to our room but my brother and sisters weren't there so we had to keep an eye out for them. 

When they got there we went downstairs to go get them. They were all sitting on a couch all together and were all so happy to see us. Then we went back upstairs to our room. The first thing Juvens did was go straight for the toys. He got some for Derline and Sophia but Sophia didn't really want to play but Derline did. After they got done playing and Derline and Sophia had went down for a nap we got to go swimming. Juvens didn't get in though because he doesn't know how to swim. After a little time playing in the pool we were done and went upstairs to get ready to go for dinner. Food in Haiti is prepared differently than in the US. My brother and sisters have plenty of food at the orphanage however other children in Haiti are not that lucky and only get one meal a day if that. but they do get some food from the left over food at the hotel the workers give to people outside of the hotel.

Everyday that we were there was just about the same. except for the last day was Monday and that was Juvens Birthday we had cupcakes Juvens was happy about the cupcakes. 

How Haiti Made Me Feel....... 
If you have ever been to Haiti and seen the houses and the people then you would feel sad because they don't have much. It would make you feel like we have way more than we need.  

Some Haitian Creole Words I learned 
Eat ~ Manje 
Dance ~ Danse
Thank You ~ Merci 
Kisses ~ Baisers 
No ~ Pagen 
Happy Birthday ~ Bon Fete 

Hope you enjoyed reading about Kaden's first trip to Haiti! I know I did... We have talked a lot about how much we have here in the US and how much waster there is. We have also asked Kaden so would you want to live in Haiti.... His response was yeah sure... He said what would we do there.... Our 4 year old Wesley said we would help the kids at the orphanage Kaden..... No were not moving to Haiti but its great to open our kids minds and let them think about what really is out there and who really needs our help! 

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