Monday, May 14, 2012

May 6th..... Its Been a Year

May 6th its been just over a yearsince we found out we were going to get to adopt this beautiful baby girl! She was 9 months old and she needed a mommy and daddy to love her. Its hard to believe that its really been a year since I got the email telling us we could adopt her! This is one of our first pics of Derline!! It was mothers day weekend 2011

It's been a long journey so far. One that has been full of all kinds of emotions and twists and turns in the road… We knew it would be hard but this hard I would have never guessed! There is something that just isn’t right about leaving your babies in a 3rd world country and us getting on a plane heading back to our world to all of our luxuries… Its just not right.  And yes I said babies as in more than 1….. You see back on May 6 2011 we were told we could adopt Derline we always wanted to adopt 2 but we didn’t know who that 2nd child would be then we met Juvens when we were in Haiti in August and felt god telling us he was our son. So we decided to also adopt Juvens…. Then we added on to our house to make room for Juvens (Indiana requires 50 Square Feet per child and the room we were going to use had 145… That’s right we missed it by 5 square feet) But god had a plan….In converting our garage into 3 bedrooms and a play room we gained more room then we had imagined and we felt like we might as well finish our family with a 5th child and that’s when we learnedabout Sophia!

Here are some first pics we have of Juvens and Sophia

I know in my heart adoption has always been something I had felt pulled towards… I remember being little and wanting my parents to adopt from some far away country and give me and my sister another sibling… I always wanted a brother not really for sure why but I did… Well that didn’t happen my parents didn’t adopt and it was just my sister and I.  Zach he was a little further behind me… We had talked about adopting but I can honestly say I don’t think it had entered his mind until I brought it up. That is fine with me… Plant a seed water it watch it grow!! Before I knew it Zach was on board… We looked at several different countries.. we looked at adopting domestically but when it all came down to it we feel in love with the Country of Haiti…  Just recently some people said to me they didn’t know how anyone would want to go to Haiti or even live there… I was very quick to say we would live there we thinks it’s a beautiful place.. The people are beautiful and we truly love Haiti!

Adoption is Forever just as god promised us forever. By following the words of god we are adopting a child forever just as he has adopted us forever! It truly is a beautiful thing! I don’t think adoption is for everyone and I am ok with that … But for us adoption was it. We have got to experience the birth of both our biological sons Kaden and Wesley, I have got to experience what its like to be pregnant. It was truly beautiful… but to finish out our family we choose adoption! Meeting our adoptive children for the first time was bliss it was like being in labor and finally having that baby! Touching them holding them kissing them!! I have loved our “birth” of our 3 adoptive children!

We really started this process “alone” yes we had family and friends who supported this adoption but really they had no clue what they were supporting.. They hadn’t walked this walk…. We quickly feel in love with the whole process all the things that come along with it. There are days of darkness there are days when we don’t have much fight left in us but we keep moving on. Every 3 months traveling to Haiti is hard but seeing our children and spending what little time we have with them is priceless my friends.. We long for the day we get to come to the airport here at home with our kids and have that huge airport party with all our friends and family… All the people that have been praying for us!! We long for that day my friends!! We have quickly been blessed with a “second” family our huge adoption family. We love love love these people like crazy!! We have been so blessed by the huge role we all play in each other’s life. These people truly get us they get what we are going through and we are so so thankful of that! Their hearts are like our opening them to orphans.. Seeing all of there stories unfold us a beautiful thing and we are so thankful god had put these people in our life! 

Patience ….. Adoption takes a lot of this….. my motto Be Patient ~ Prepare To Wait ~ Prepare To Be Flexible is sure to ring true with adoption… We have now switched our home study agency because the first agency had a policy of only placing 2 children at a time and we have now switched our international adoption agency because our first only places children with families where the mom is a stay at home mom! Something that should have taken not much time has taken forever…. IBESR is now closed trying to get caught up and we are now praying to be one of the first families in when they do get caught up and reopen! Some days it truly feels like you can’t go any further and it takes everything inside of you to just keep on going! All these dark things stink and then you remember that you are in love with adoption you are in love with your kids you are in love with the country they live in and you remember that God has called you to do this and he will get you through it!!

Its hard to think its been a year…. So many things have happen in that year…..Zach and I were non-flyers never flown and we know have 16 International flights under our belts!! My mom and Kaden got to go and visit our children ~ Kaden has his passport my 11 year old has his passport ~ My 4 year old wants a passport and he talks of this often~ We have made life long friends ~ We have completely feel in love with the country of Haiti~ We have feel in love with god again~ Adoption brought us back to god in more ways than we could imagine ~ We have found a wonderful church… (just this past Sunday I noticed our row and then the 3 rows in front of us were all families that were living out adoption) James 1:27 my friends that’s some powerful stuff!! “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

My prayer is that by next May 6 2013 my babies are all home with us.. We know that god has a plan and we are trusting in him and his plan. His plan 
is greater than anything we could ever imagine! 

Today another adoptive mom posted this on her facebook and it inspired me to write this blog... 

"Every adoption is a miracle. After all, it is God working things out so that a hurting orphan finds his or her way into a family with open arms. It is the building of families in a way that alows God's plans to play out in a very real way." Karen Kingsburry

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