Saturday, May 12, 2012

Triple Trouble

Sophia + Derline + Juvens = Triple Trouble 

Well not exactly but doesn't this picture look like these kids could get into some trouble!! (please don't mind the bag of trash hanging on the door... I actually think this was my only chance to get them all 3 looking at me!) 

Ahhh what love!! These 3 kids complete our family!! We didn't come home this time saying we meet another child and we are praying about this to see if god wants this child to join our family! For now we are going to be Price party of 7 and we are all VERY happy about this!! 

We really had a wonderful trip! There was lots of families and kids at the hotel this week! It was so great to see everyone... see these kids all getting loved on by there families! We were very blessed and got to bring Kaden and my mom with us on this trip! Kaden told us after we got home that he thinks we all have to much stuff here in America.... Isn't that something great to take away from visiting your brother and sisters in a 3rd world country. Wesley is has been talking about getting his passport so who knows maybe in the future Wesley will also get to go! I think he is one of the only 4 year old I know that knows about passports!! He will tell you when Kaden got his passport we had to go and check our mail every single day for it! 

It's really hard to believe this was our 4th family visit! Everyone always ask after we get home for a family visit if we know anymore do we know when they will be home are we getting any closer..... Well let me tell you the answer to all of those questions is no! I wish we knew more I wish there was a good timeline we could go by as to when things will happen but really there isn't! For now we just trust in god's timing. We will continue to visit as much as possible and we will bring them home when god is ready for them to come home to Indiana!! 

This was our first real visit with Sophia... Yes we did have our hands full and we were very glad to have my mom and Kaden with us.... ( if you would like to go with us in August please let me know!! I am being serious!!) Derline remembers us she is always very quick to warm right back up to us and Juvens now also remembers us so that makes things "easy" Sophia however did not know us yet. She immediately grew very attached to me which I loved.... Neither of my boys were ever very attached to me so I will take it!! She wanted me to hold her and love her and cuddle with her!! She makes my heart melt! 

Visiting the kids in Haiti is nothing like being at home or how our days will go when we get to come home.. The days start very early and they are hot and long. There isn't a lot of things to do and our kids often do things in Haiti that we for sure will not be doing at home. But its Haiti and we only have a few days with them and we are trying to make the best out of the 48 hour days!! So when I say we had our hands full it is more of the situation and circumstances we are in and not the fact that we are adopting 3 children!

The girls were so funny you could tell they loved each other and they would call out each others name! Part of the time they would talk nice and other times they weren't being very nice... This was all done in Haitian Creole so we had no clue what they were saying. The only thing we can go by is the tone of there voice!! Juvens is starting to speak more English which we love he still says yes to everything. But you can tell him to do something i am pretty sure he somewhat understands because he does it! I think his time in Preschool with Miss Betsy is really starting to make a difference!! 

Saying Good Bye is hard to do! Usually I am alright yes I cry but this time I really cried... I don't mind showing my emotions but for so long I have had to be strong for everyone else. Well Sophia broke me of that. She screamed and ugly cried when I handed her back to Chris... This broke my heart into a million pieces. Its ok to cry so many people have said to me they don't know how I can go and visit and then leave the kids... Well honestly I don't know how I do it either.... With gods help is all I can really say... Have I not commanded you?? Be strong and courageous...

Our next chance to visit again is August and the girls will both be 2 by then! We are praying that IBESR opens back up and starts excepting new Dossiers again. We are praying that we are in IBESR by August. 

Friends and Family will you pray with us?? 
Pray for our children 
Pray for the orphanage 
Pray for the Haitian Government 
Pray that IBESR gets this back log of dossiers finished up 
Pray that they will reopen and we will be in IBESR by August of 2012
Pray that some of these children in our orphanage get to come home this year. 

I leave you now with some images of our last trip..... 

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