Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For the love of Pictures!

For the love of pictures!! 
We always try to get a group photo when we go to TN for Thanksgiving. Its something we have been doing since we started this tradition 10 years ago. Well this year it only worked out to get our family photo. Kind of sad but too many people going in too many different directions. I guess that's one bad thing about big groups! Well anyway me and the boys set off on Saturday to get our annual family photo. This is always a fun task but it was really pretty cold and Wesley was acting as if he had never been in cold weather. Finding the perfect spot getting everyone to smile always creates a challenge. I usually put the camera on the setting that lets you run like a crazy fool and leap into the photo just before it stats taking pictures. I always set it to multiple shots because you are sure to get a good one right?? 

Well here are some not so good photos that I thought would be fun to share with y'all! 

You can kind of see Wesley is sticking his tongue out at the camera (or me) not really sure this is a sure sign that pictures are going to be lots of fun!! 

Right here Zach seems to be telling Wesley something I am guessing it went a little like "you had better listen and smile so we can get a good picture or we are not going to play putt putt golf" 

I am thinking right here someone should of told Zach that if he didn't listen and smile we weren't going to play putt putt golf! 

Just look at Zach's face in this picture... It is as if he completely missed the memo that I wanted a picture of just me and him...(that's really to bad because I happen to like this picture of me and that's a rare occasion)  I really think he was irritated with the photographer at the moment (Kaden) I on the other hand was all smiles! 

What on earth is wrong with me.. Whatever it is Zach sure thinks its funny and the boys they were sure looking at something!! ( I think that something was a car getting ready to drive by and I was like Oh No they are going to hit my camera!!) 

This here is the boys clearly not ready for a picture! Wesley with his mouth wide open and Kaden looking at him like what are you doing!! 

I guess it was Kaden's turn to look like he is singing Christmas Carols!! 

This here picture says to me that Zach is thinking about chucking Wesley over the edge and Kaden is looking down saying I think if you do it right now no one will notice! Where oh where is these children's mother... Oh yes she was trying to get the camera ready so she could also get in the shot with them!! 

Kaden is clearly thinking man that's a long way down... I sure am glad my dad isn't holding me! 

Here I am on the first shot after I have leaped into the photo fixing my hair or trying to poke my eye out I am really not sure!

Ok and here are a few that I think we might actually be able to do something with!! 

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