Monday, May 13, 2013

Adoption Benefit Garage Sale Take 1

We held our first garage sale of the summer in an attempt to raise some of the needed funds for the adoption! We had been saving and collecting stuff for over a year in our storage building! We held this event on the day our town has there town wide sale and we had great success!!! We are currently in need of raising the remaining money for the adoption so with that being said we need to raise around $27,000 more dollars!  We decided to open the sale on Friday night for a few hours and we were very busy I think we brought in around $500 on Friday night being open from 4-8 we were very surprised!! The next day we were open from 7-3 and we sold lots! We had people coming and going the whole time!! It was a blessing to see that many people coming and taking a look at our junk! Kaden and a friend sold hot dogs  popcorn, pop and water and that was also a hit!! At the end of the sale we raised just over $1,600 to put towards the adoption! We were very pleased!! We are very lucky to have a garage to keep the stuff in and set up and we are planning our next garage sale for Memorial Day weekend Friday and Saturday! We are in need of more donations of stuff so if you have anything you would like to donate to our next sale we would gladly take it!! It can be anything from kitchen items, decorative items, clothing, toys, accessories, books, crafts, larger items we will take pretty much anything! So if you have some stuff you would like to get rid of please keep us in mind! We will come and pick it up!! 

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