Monday, October 21, 2013

Team Price Update

I know a lot of you are probably wondering how things are going. I don't have much of an update to give anyone but we have been very busy the past few months!! I will update you to the best of my ability on where things stand with the adoption and funds needed to for us to be fully funded! 
Team Price Shirts are still available and all the funds goes towards our adoption fund
3 Less Orphans = 3 More Prices
Derline ~ Juvens ~ Sophia
Loved ~ Chosen ~ Wanted
Shirts are $12 Each and are available in youth - adult sizes 
As many of you may know we were blessed by family and friends with an adoption benefit family fun night! What an amazing event this was! It was held on September 7th at the Wolcott School. We had a pulled pork meal, lots of yummy desserts, bounce house and face painting for the kids and a cruise in car show. We had some awesome things donated to our silent auction and we sold Haitian Coffee, Haitian Jewelry and Christmas Items along with some handmade scarves and bags! All and all the night was a huge success and we were very blessed by the event! To be able to talk about adoption with people from our community was a wonderful thing! We currently find ourselves being very close to fully funded!! What an amazing feeling that is! We have about $8,000 left to go of the $55,000 that was needed to fully fund the adoption! 

Woo Hoo!! We want to say thank you to each and everyone of you who have supported us along this journey who have prayed for us and helped us make this all possible! We will continue to sale scarves and t-shirts and the Haitian jewlery and chirstmas items to help raise some of the needed funds. We will also be keeping the account open at the bank so if you would still like to donate towards our adoption fund you can do so by sending checks to the Bank Of Wolcott P.O. Box 339 Wolcott, IN 47995 Please makes checks payable to Price Family Adoption Fund

Where does our paperwork stand and how are things moving along with that you ask.... Well I wish I could tell you they are moving along quickly but I just can't right now. The last update we received was our file is still in IBESR. They are working on it but still not done with it. We have been very encouraged with the movement we are seeing in IBESR lately so we are hopeful that our file will be out of IBESR before the end of this year if not sooner!! 

We will be making a trip to Haiti in November to file our I600 and give our orphan all of our final process papers so they have them when they are ready for them. We are currently awaiting our appointment with USCIS and then we will be booking our flight!! On this trip we will get to spend several days with the kids! Its been over 8 months since we have seen them. WE are very excited to get to love on them for a few days. It is our hope that this will be our last trip to Haiti for a visit. We plan for our next trip to be bringing them home with us!! Oh what a wonderful day that will be! 

How can you pray?? We need your prayers for our file and that it would move out of IBESR by the end of this year if not sooner!!  WE need your prayers that the new law for adoptions would be signed by the president of Haiti and we could skip our file going to his desk. We need your prayers that we will be fully funded soon and have one less stress off our list when it comes to the adoption. And lastly pray for our children the 3 that are in Haiti pray that they would feel that they are loved and pray that they will yet again understand that mamma and papa are here to visit but they aren't coming home with us. Pray for Juvens especially as he has seen many of his friends going home and I know he has to be confused. Pray for our boys here at home that they would just be patient with this wait and know that someday there brother and sisters will be home. 

Thank you friends your love support and prayers mean the world to us! It takes a village!! We are sure happy to have you along with us on this ride! 

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