Monday, November 11, 2013

280 days/ 40 weeks / 403,200 minutes

This was the last time we seen the kids. February 5, 2013 that was 280 days ago, 40 week ago, 403,200 minutes ago and it seems like forever. Can you imagine not seeing your 3 year old for that many days. Can you imagine not hearing about your 6 year old day at school or seeing all the new things there little brains are learning. Can you imagine not tucking them into bed not getting to tell them you love them everyday. Its painful my friends my heart aches to hold them to love them to let them know what its like to have a mom and dad. There is nothing in this world that can prepare you for something like this. This process has gone on way to long and these kids are just getting older everyday. There is so much injustice so much red tape and all these kids want is a family. We are that family. We love these kids with all our hearts. It amazes me everyday how much my 6 year old Wesley loves these 3 kids who he has never met. He tells me I miss them so much mom. He prays for them every night. Someday Wesley they will come home is all I can tell him..... 

We left Haiti that morning and I told myself that I was not going to wait another 270 days again and here I find myself 280 long days have gone by. We had planned to go in August but then came the pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage and it wasn't safe for me to travel so we canceled that trip. We were suppose to be in Haiti right now but we had to cancel our trip yet again. It seems that the US Embassy isn't letting parents file there I-600 unless you meet the current Haitian law and that we do not. We have been told that the new law should be effective by December 1st and then we would be able to reschedule our I-600 appointment and finally go to Haiti to file and see our kids. 

We are thinking it will probably be January or February before that actually happens with the Holidays and just being busy and the uncertainty of things in Haiti.  We have everything we need to file our I-600 so we are ready when they will finally let us. Until then we just continue to wait for our paperwork to make it through the rest of the Haitian adoption process.  That paper that was missing we have been told was found. 

Everyone always wants to know when they will come home. It seems like with every new season I push back the date that I tell people by another 3 months or so. I know one of these times I am not going to have to push that date back anymore one of these times God is going to say alright its time y our babies are coming home! But until that day we ask that you please pray for our family. The Holidays are especially hard. This will be our 3rd Christmas celebrating without them. Its hard .... I am told by friends that have brought there kids home that the pain goes away and its like they have always been there.... I pray they are right. Until that day comes we are just going to keep on keeping on! 

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