Monday, March 22, 2010

A Bad day at the Beach is still Better than a good day at work!

Well its spring break and we are in not so sunny and not so warm Florida! We are making the best of it. It still beats being at home for the week. We were really just looking for some relaxation and that we are getting. The wind has been awful and it has been cold. It is suppose to warm up for the rest of the week so we have our fingers crossed that the weather man is right! Yep that's right we are counting on the weather man to be right! lol... Oh well better days are to come! So far we have just hung out at the condo. Today we went to Pier Park (the boys got new Crocs and I got new charms for my Pandora and we got some yummy popcorn chocolate covered cherry and chicago style) and then to the Boon Docks for dinner! Tomorrow night my dad is suppose to be flying in and spending the rest of the week with us. Wesley keeps saying that Pappaw is coming on a school bus.... Not sure where he got this from but we think its funny! 4 days left so hopefully we get one good hot sunny day in!!

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