Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Long Ride Home

Heading home is no fun... vacation is over and now for the fun long drive home....

Well let me just say our drive home from Florida was a long drive. We drove about 10 hours on Saturday coming home and that was plenty for everyone on the trip! Wesley had about had it my Mammaw was having a hard time so we decided to stop just north of Nashville, TN which would leave us with about 6 hours on Sunday. Not bad we can handle that! So we all get up on Sunday and eat some breakfast fill up with gas and on the road we go.

.......Well it was just shortly after we started our last 6 hours of the trip that Wesley decided that he was getting out of his car seat! This child has done this before but oh my gosh never this bad!

My sister was sitting in the back with him and she was trying to hold the buckle so he couldn't undo it. He kept hitting her so I turned around and also tried to help her. He kept kicking and screaming and hitting! There was no talking reason into him so we had to find an exit. Zach was driving and he was going to first just stop on the side of the road. I said no which made him mad, then he missed the next exit so we drove a little further and we found an exit. Zach took the exit. Let me just say don't ever take exit 43 in Kentucky off I-65 this is the cumberland parkway and there is no entrance back onto 65 and you have to drive 10 miles before you can turn around!! I was very very very upset as we pull off this exit and see we can't get back on! We have a screaming child and a upset husband and well that's just not a good mixture!!!!! ........ I ended up driving Zach ended up in the back seat with Wesley and Kaden and my sister ended up front with me! We started driving and Zach says "just use the cut across" I think to myself.... cut across?? ...........huh you want me to commit a crime in front of my children... So I say what the heck are you talking about and kaden who is 8 at the time says the turn around thing in the middle of the road....OMG my 8 year old knows what this is..

Well I would not use the cut across! We drove 10 miles in the wrong direction and then drove about 3 miles through Glasgow, KY and then back 10 miles in the right direction through Cave City, KY.... So needless to say we wasted about 30 minutes of our nice easy 6 hour drive home!

Oh and did I mention that Wesley feel asleep shortly after Zach got in the back seat with him and slept for the next hour!!
AHHH Kids gotta love them!

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