Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursday's

So I have seen some other blogs where they go through and list off things they are thankful for on Thursdays from the past week. I thought it was a really neat thing to do and a way to reflect on the past week and all the good things that have happened. Some of them have set a number on how many things they put down but my thoughts are some weeks you may be thankful for more things and thats ok! So here is my first start to Thankful Thursdays KRP Style!

* I am thankful for our wonderful vacation and making it home safely. Being home is such a great feeling and we often just want to get away but I always find myself saying there's no place like home!

* I am thankful for the beautiful sunshine this week and the warm weather.

* I am thankful for all of my new wonderful friends that I have made in my leadership white county class. What a wonderful experience I have enjoyed every moment of it and will miss our classes!

* I am thankful for my savior lord Jesus Christ for dying for us and washing away all of our sins. I am wishing everyone a Happy Easter

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