Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Another Thankful Thursday has come and almost gone and I have spent some time thinking today about what I am thankful for as I do every Thursday. Today I want to talk about a very special woman who I have had the pleasure of knowing for about 13 years now. Her name is Thelma Price and she is my wonderful husbands dear grandma! Such a kind and caring woman who always had something funny to say! I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to get to know her and have her in my life! Just this past weekend we took a table over to my aunt who lives next to Thelma and I decided that I would make my aunt Kim and Grandma Thelma dinner. So I made up a pan of my Lasagna, apple cake, garlic bread and lettuce salad.. The whole nine yards they were set for dinner!
I told Thelma about it and she was thrilled!

~~You see I did the same thing this past Christmas and took it all in to Thelma's and we had our dinner and celebrated Christmas.
Well ever since Thelma has raved about my Lasagna!!!......
I don't think its anything special.......
But she sure does and it makes her happy so that makes me happy! ~~

Well Wednesday night I got a phone call from Grandma Thelma and I was delighted to hear her voice she told me how wonderful my Lasagna was and she thanked me for doing that. She then told me that she was thinking I needed to make that a weekly event and make Lasagna for them!
She also told me that it was the best Lasagna ever and she wanted me to not ever forget how to make it!
I just smiled and told her that I would make some more Lasagna for her!!

So on this Thankful Thursday I guess what I am really trying to say is we all probably have a special someone in our life that maybe we don't realize just how special they are.. Stop and take a look and maybe...just maybe you will find someone that you are really thankful you met!

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