Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Be in 3rd Grade again!!

So today I helped in my son's 3rd grade class for teacher appreciation week. Today the teachers all got to go out to eat at Bell's Pizza Plus and we had volunteers come in and stay with there class. Well I got to go to Kaden's room and me and another mom watched.... no supervised all of the 3rd grade students.....Now I would say there is about 55 kids and for the most part they were pretty good. We really had it pretty easy they watched a movie and then we took them to lunch and then recess and then movie again until the teachers got back!

Well you see I forgot how being a 3rd grader felt like until being at the school today and seeing them interact with each other and the things they did... so funny... If only as an adult we could have the problems a 3rd grader has.....

There was a little girl who was very upset at Recess because her friends did not sit by her at lunch and she has only sat by this friend 2 times the WHOLE year!! She was crying and so so upset! Another little girl came over to me and the other mom and told us all about how her friend was so upset and she just didn't know what to do she really needed help! At first I thought maybe the little girl that was crying was hurt well not the case just hurt feelings! It was so cute how they cared for each other! I just told the little girl that I am sure her friend would be fine and I think her feelings were just hurt!! Well then a few minutes later another little girl comes and tells us all about it! Once again we told her that the little girl would be fine and her feelings were just hurt.....Then as I looked up here comes this little girl with hurt feelings and another friend rubbing her back telling her its allright..... oh so cute! I looked at her and ask Maddie are you ok.. she looked at me and said yeah i will be fine... She then got in line and we walked back to her class... walking back to the classroom she then started to tell me all about it! I told her that she would be allright and I understand that here feelings were hurt and it would be ok!

All in All the day went rather well and I was only there for about 90 minutes!! It was nice to let the teachers go out for lunch and be able to supervise there class while they were gone!


  1. Your time was much appreciated! What a wonderful gesture of appreciation! We are so lucky to have such an amazing PTO! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Poor little thing! Unfortunately she will get her feelings hurt again a few more times as she grows up. It's so hard growing up! Glad that you got to help out and give the teachers a break!