Friday, June 21, 2013

It's been a month!

Its been a month since we entered IBESR and got numbers for the kids!! Wow I never imagined it would feel that good to finally get in and have numbers for the kids! I mean its just a silly number right.... Wrong... This was the biggest step for us this far the highest mountain we have had to climb! It was like a giant weight had been lifted. Worry was gone I had done what I needed to do to get us to the point of getting in. We had trusted God and listened to his every instruction even if that did mean loosing thousands of dollars because someone said they could help and then they ended up not able to help and took our money.... I told a friend just the other day loosing that money was probably the best thing that could of happened because it lead us to the right person and we were finally able to get in! At the time losing the money I felt like a stupid idiot but I am finally now able to see the good in losing thousands of dollars! 

Any-who its been a month a month full of baseball and less scattered thoughts about our adoption its been  a month of crazy summer practice, game practice, game ,game! Both boys in baseball and Kaden finally got his cast off so now he is playing!! It looks like we have a good 3 more weeks of baseball for various tourneys! Its been a good month. We were blessed with tickets to the Indy 500 from one of our vendors so we took the boys to do that. Kaden and a friend were blessed with Notre Dame football camp being provided for them! We are very much enjoying this crazy summer at home!! 

Adoption news.... I don't have any we are waiting again... But its a good waiting a waiting where we know something is happening and our file isn't just sitting! Everyone keeps saying Christmas?? I keep saying who knows! Waiting for IBESR to go through our file and make sure we are fit parents and approve the file so it can go to the next step which is court after court there is several other steps including passport and visa.. How long will this all take I have no idea.. My best answer is how ever long GOD wants it to take!! Lets all pray it moves quickly and we don't have any major problems so we can get these kids home! Trusting in HIS timing knowing it is perfect and beautiful in every way!! 

Adoption Fundraiser News!!! We have been blessed by our family and friends taking on the task of planning an Adoption Benefit Dinner to be held on September 7th here in Wolcott at the Tri-County Intermediate School.  A Pulled Pork dinner and silent auction are being planned!! We are very excited to share our story with the community at this event! Silent Auction Items are needed and Help is needed to put on the event! We are in need of people to help the day of the event and help leading up to this big event! If you would be willing to help in anyway please contact me and I will get you to the right person!!! More benefit event news will be coming in the next few weeks!! 

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers along this crazy hard long journey! We never thought it would take this long and be this hard! We are truly thankful for all of our family and friends! 

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